Download Google Camera for Poco M2 128GB (GCam 8.6 APK)

Google Camera for Poco M2: In the country, India Poco has to lunch their Smartphone Poco M2 also it is lunch globally on the date of 8th September 2020. This Smartphone is available in 4G variant with 13 Megapixel Quad Rear cameras also in this Poco Smartphone by default camera 2 API is Enabled, so you can easily install the Google camera and use it on your phone.

People are interested to use Google camera for Poco M2 because of the advanced feature of this camera and available better security this Google camera and high-quality photoshoots and the use of AI features. The Image and video who’s captured by the Google camera they are very high quality just like a DSLR camera.

Poco M2 from POCO is a cool and stylish device that offers value for money features. The phone is a great combination of hardware and software. The phone has an immersive screen, and it offers seamless performance. Moreover, the phone has a great battery life too. But when it comes to the camera, the Poco M2 lags too far behind.

The Poco M2 has an average camera that can take satisfactory photos only in good lighting conditions. So here comes the Google Camera or GCam. The GCam is an ultimate option for those users who don’t want to spend money and upgrade their smartphone but want to have a better camera.

Download Google Camera for Poco M2 128GB (GCam 8.6 APK)
Google Camera for Poco M2

What is Google Camera?

Google Camera is an advanced camera with an available Ai feature which was developed by Google for Android devices to use for the best quality images. This Camera is supported by Android 4.4 KitKat and higher but now it is officially supported for Google’s Nexus and Pixel devices if are you think to use this application on your Smartphone using the MOD APK application provided in this article read carefully. This camera is capture high-quality images or videos, pictures are realistic, AI features and Night Sight features are available also it provides many features compared to other camera applications.

Google Camera for Poco M2 Overview

The camera is very useful in our daily life for capturing memorial moments Google camera for Poco M2 provides lots of features as compared to the normal Poco M2 camera feature. you can download our Google camera for Poco M2 (Mod APK version) application on your device for using Google camera because the Google Camera (GCam) is available only for Pixel devices but it is available on the play store for android in the year 2016 but nowadays it is not available in play store.

This Mod Application is used without any issue on your android phone, It is safe to use on your device and does not get extra storage but it is performance similar to the original app you have not been disappointed with this camera application because it is provided with the same feature just like Google camera application.

Alternative Google Camera – Google Camera for POCO X2

Google Camera for Poco M2 Features:

G Cam or Google Camera is a great camera app that you can use to take beautiful pictures and make the most out of your phone’s camera. It comes with a variety of features that will make your photo look amazing. Of course, it also has other features that you can use easily, just like in any other camera app.

The Google Camera app has its own set of cool features like the HDR+ feature. It allows you to take photos using the HDR+ to capture amazing photos. So below, we have listed some of the cool features of Google Camera for Poco M2, have a look:

HDR+ Enhanced

This is a feature that lets you take high-quality pictures of low-light scenes. It’s amazing for cityscapes or night shots. It’s an automatic feature, so you don’t have to click anything specific, you can just point and shoot.

HDR, which occurs for High-Dynamic-Range, is a photographic film and portrayal imagining procedure. Likewise, ray-traced computer-generated comprehension assists in imitating a broader spectrum of luminosity than typical digital imagining or photographic methods.

Super Res Zoom

With this feature, you can take high-quality zoomed-in shots without blurriness. Just zoom in on your photo and wait for the little shutter button to blink, which means it’s ready to snap a clear image at the distance you’ve chosen.

You can zoom up to 8x without losing detail, but we recommend using it below 4x for the best results. This feature also works well in low light situations.

Portrait Mode

This is a feature that lets you take beautiful portraits with amazing depth of field effects. It blurs out the background, which makes your subject really stand out. Just like Super Res Zoom, this works for both humans and animals.

One of the most important characteristics is clouding the backdrop, particularly because smartphones increasingly wield the secondary lens to ascertain the depth of area in portraits and objects.

Top Shot

This feature takes into account everything that’s happening before and after you push the shutter button. It’ll help you select the best of those options, the one where everyone is smiling and no one has their eyes closed, and if none of them is good enough, it’ll just let you know so you can take another picture.

Apart from these top and cool features, Google Camera for Poco M2 features a lot of other features like NightSight, which lets you click photos in dark places and it will capture all the light around the object to make the object look crisp and clear.


If your smartphone can apprehend good portraits at night, it is considered one of the nicest; thus, Gcam can encourage you to know the best portrayal in low-light circumstances.

Mode for Astrophotography

It was identical to the NightSight, which clasps portraits in low-light circumstances. It authorises you to apprehend even in complete twilight. It is mainly assembled for night shots or sky photography, permitting you to click Astrophotography with crisp, low-noise portrayals even in the shadiest circumstances.

Others Features Provided By The Google Camera Application

In this camera application many of the features provided by Google they are given bellow

  • New AI
  • Raw support
  • Lens Blur
  • Slow Motion
  • Panorama UI feature improved
  • Natural or soft-focus setting in Portrait Photos
  • Google lens
  • Live lens
  • Motion control
  • Zoom
  • Night Sight
  • Group selfies
  • Support high-quality video recording
  • Social share feature available

Download and install Google Camera for Poco M2

The Smartphone Poco have to already enabled camera 2 API by default, which helps you can install Google Camera for Poco M2 very easily without rooting your phone. The latest Google camera version is 8.6, which supports Poco M2. If you find the Google Camera for Poco M2 mod APK here is the right place to download this file also we are sharing with you how to install and use it on your Smartphone easily, follow the steps to download this APK file on your Poco M2 android device.


Downloading this file is very simple, by clicking the download button on our website you can download it on your phone and follow the installation process for using this Application.


Step-1: find the download file on your device which downloads on our website. (Download bottom)
Step-2: Enable the “Unknown source” option on your device by following “setting> Security setting”, which helps to install this Google Camera for Poco M2 Mod Apk file.
Step-3: Now open the downloadable APK file and click install bottom to start the installation.
Step-4: Click “Open” bottom and allow all of the permission that needs this application then the installation is completed and start using this application.

NameGoogle Camera (GCam)
Size21 MB
Requirement4.0.3 and up
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Available onPlay Store
Last Update1 Day Ago
Total Installs100 Million +

Config File Settings

  • The config file is a small size file that helps to smoothly run this application on your phone and solve mobile lack problems.
  • First, download the “config file”
  • create a “Gcam” folder on the root directory of the Smartphone
  • create another folder “Config8” on the folder “Gcam”
  • paste downloaded “config file” on the folder “Config8” (/internal Storage/Gcam/Config8/config file)
  • that’s ok

Enable Astrophotography/Night mode in Google Camera For Poco M2

  • Open the Google camera app on your phone Poco M2
  • Open the Gcam Setting
  • Tap on Advanced
  • Go to options Astrophotography mode and Night mode by scrolling down
  • toggle on this setting and it enables


Q: Is Poco X2 support Google Camera?

In the Poco phone by default Camera, 2 API is enabled, which helps to download this Google Camera very easily. This Smartphone supports a Google camera and also works smoothly in this deice Poco M2 without facing any type of problem.

Q: How to Install Google Camera (GCam) for your android device?

Google Camera (GCam) is only available for pixel device but if are you a Smartphone user you have to install it and use it on your phone by using our Google camera MOD APK apps which are safe and secure for your device and provides all type of feature which provide by Google. This application is used by almost 10,000 users and they have to get positive comments, if are you seen go to our website and read the comments.

Q: How google camera is the best camera?

Google camera is a camera application that provided advanced features as compared to normal camera applications also it is safe and secure and it is provided high-quality pictures and video. This application is only available for Google pixel users but the Mod version of this camera application is used for all types of Smartphone device which provided by our team. This Mod Camera application is provided with all types of features and safety like Google original camera application.

Q: Which is the Latest Version of GCam for Poco M2?

The latest version of Google Camera for Poco M2 is version 8.6, and it is available on the XDA’s official webpage.

Q: What are the Best Settings for GCam in Poco M2?

When it comes to the best settings of Google Camera for Poco M2, then you don’t have to change multiple options for the best results. You can simply enable the HDR+ Enhanced feature in Google Camera.

  • To enable this feature, open Google Camera or Gcam.
  • When you are on the home screen of GCam, then swipe down.
  • Find out HDR+ Enhanced and enable it.
  • That’s it. You are done.

Apart from HDR+ Enhanced, you can change some other settings depending upon your preferences. For instance, if you are using the camera in dark places, then you must enable the NightSight features for the best shots.

Q: Are there any bugs in Google Camera for Poco M2?

No, there are no bugs in the latest version of GCam or Google Camera. The GCam version 8.6 is stable and free of bugs.


Thank you for reading our article from top to bottom, in this article you explain the benefits of the google camera application and how to install it on your phone like Google Camera for Poco M2. We describe the real experience and benefits of this app after we used on our device. The features are provides in this article and explain about Google Camera for Poco M2 in complete details. We are giving you updates from time to time for the latest version of this Google Camera application and provide a download link in this Google Camera for Poco M2 article.

So this was all about Google Camera for Poco M2. Hopefully, you will like our approach to the installation as well as the features of the Google Camera app.

The installation is quite simple. Apart from the installation, modern users can tweak some settings depending on their preferences. However, there is no need, as the Google Camera is set of best settings by default.

Although, you may require different settings for different conditions. But Google Camera will perform as an all-rounder in most of the conditions, whether it is dark or there is too much lighting.

Thanks all of you for read this article Google Camera for Poco M2. I think all of you like this useful information Google Camera for Poco M2. If you like this information then share this useful information on your social media platforms.

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