21000+ Latest Telegram Group Links | Join, Share, Submit Telegram Groups

Telegram Group Links: Today there will be no person using the Internet who would not know about the Telegram Application. Every person connected with online social media must have heard the name of Telegram at some point or the other. On Telegram, you get everything mostly for free. Even if that service is Paid in Google.

In Telegram, you just need its group link. And that too today we are going to provide you with this article. Here you will be given more than 20000+ Telegram Group links with a list of different categories of Variants. That’s why don’t forget to watch this article till the last.

Telegram is one such application. Where more than half of the Illegal service is also provided to you. Here you get to see everything from education to movie downloading. A special thing about Telegram is that the number of members joining their group is unlimited. In this, by adding thousands to millions of members, you can talk together in the message in the group.

I will provide you with the link to all the groups from education to 18+ below. Apart from this, many types of lists will be given to you. In which already thousands of members will be present. If you want to learn something online. want to read something. So I will also give below Telegram group links.

Because many such groups are already being run on Telegram. In which already lakhs of members are preparing for big exams by forming such groups. If in this case, you join those groups. So you will get the help of students preparing till IAS level. The advantage of this will be that you will get the answer to any question sitting at home within minutes. This will save you a lot of time. People of every subject will already be found in all those groups. With which you can ask questions of any discipline. Then you will get his answer immediately. You can also clear your dought from them.

Even from Telegram, you will get big digital marketing, web development, web designing, and expensive courses for free. Whose on google you get a lot of coasts. On Telegram, you will get every single movie for you to download and watch for free. Also, any type of book you want to read online. Which is said to be paid on websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can download all of them from here for free.

But to do all these things you must know one thing. And that is to find the Telegram group link. There will be many such Telegram groups. Which you can add only through links. You cannot join by searching all those groups. And all those telegram group links will also be provided to you here.

21000+ Latest Telegram Group Links | Join, Share, Submit Telegram Groups

Active Telegram Group Links Category List

You will get the Telegram application for free on the Google play store for free. Its download loading is not one or two lakhs but in crores. Whose rating and review are also very good. And also Telegram is called different from other social media. Because there are as many other social media as there are. There are chances of your data being leaked in them. But to date, no such news has been heard in the Telegram application that any user’s data has been leaked from Telegram. This shows that using Telegram is also absolutely safe.

Telegram will look very simple to see you from above. But they say that the ocean remains calm only when viewed from above. Inside that storm time lives. In the same way, Telegram also looks just normal to the user. But inside it is filled with a huge number of services and products and many more.

The list of all Telegram group links will be given in this post. They will all be given in different categories. That is why the list of the categories of all the categories that will be given to you below is being told right now. If apart from these categories you are looking for a link to any other category. Then you will not get it. However, apart from these categories listed, I will also tell you the trick below to find the link to your favourite category. That’s why let’s start-

Beautiful GirlBitcoin18+ group
News & Latest UpdateMotivational & QuotesEarn Money

Education Telegram group links (For Everyone)

I first selected the education category so that first you will be provided with a group link with knowledge. Because in a situation like Corona nowadays it has become very difficult to study offline. That is why the telegram group channel will be the best for studying. Because here to help you, not one or two but you will have friends in millions.

Wherever you will face any problem in any subject. All you have to do is share it in these groups by clicking the photo or by text message. And the members connected in those groups will provide the answer to your question immediately and provide it to you. Here is the Education Telegram channel link-

  • IQ Education – Link
  • Help Illustrator – Link
  • Study Vibes – Link
  • Education Key – Link
  • Trading Education – Link
  • Only Education – Link
  • Free Education – Link
  • Indian Edu System – Link
  • Study based Jobs – Link
  • Education Buzz – Link
  • Daily life: Join
  • free courses: Join
  • Interesting Facts: Join
  • Unknown Facts: Join
  • Learn Investing: Join
  • Learn English: Join
  • Facts School: Join
  • Ask me now: Join
  • Education Stage: Join
  • Ebook Encyclopaedia: Join
  • GK Information: Join
  • Civil service books: Join

Hackers & Black Hat Hacking Telegram Channel

Hackers or Hacking are some words that give a different passion to the people who are interested in the Internet. You will also find many such Telegram groups on Telegram. In which languages ranging from high-level hacking and web security to programming are taught.

These big programmers help you to learn white hat hacking. Not only this, in some groups a class is taken in a way. Where you have to attend their classes. Here you can also take the test. In some groups, a certificate is also provided to you on completion of the course. Here are some hacking and hackers related telegram group links-

  • Hacking Hub: join
  • Black hat hacker: join
  • Premium Hacking: join
  • Hacking Tutorials: join
  • Black hats 24*7: join
  • Exploit Hacker: join
  • anonymous black hat hacker: join
  • cyber security channel: join
  • cyber security experts: join

Movies Telegram Group Links (Bollywood, Hollywood)

By the way, who does not like watching movies? But now not everyone can go to the cinema hall and watch a movie. People work to run their life in this race-heavy world. And some people are very fond of watching movies.

In such a situation, without spending money and saving time, they can take luft of new movies from these movies group on Telegram. Where you will find not only Bollywood, and Hollywood movies but everything from web series to Tv shows in all these groups.

  • Free Deals – Link
  • World Cinema – Link
  • Hollywood HD Movies – Link
  • Bollywood Movies – Link
  • Latest Movies – Link
  • Sci-Fi Movies – Link
  • Science Movies – Link
  • Fiction Movies – Link
  • Great Thriller – Link
  • Netflix SciFi Collection – Link
  • Daily Sci-Fi – Link
  • Sci-Fic Movies & Series – Link
  • Mind-Bending Movies – Link
  • SciFi Hollywood – Link
  • Collection of Movies – Link
  • Movies on Demand – Link
  • TvShows – Link
  • Malayalam Movies – Link
  • Lost Films TV – Link
Hollywood Moviest.me/joinchat/7_jA-ioXVuNiNjA1
English Movie Hubt.me/english_moviehub
Dubbed Hollywoodt.me/hollywoodmovies_2021
Spacious Movieshttps://t.me/SpaciousMovies
CineMaVilla Tv/Web Serieshttps://t.me/CMV_TV
Curator Movies [#CuratorS]t.me/Curator_Movies
Web Series by Spacioust.me/joinchat/IlhsKd30Pvw5OThl
Netflix Stufft.me/joinchat/AAAAAFAAi2uBX_Vjwrqbdw
English Movies HDt.me/joinchat/VjnDCvnc8mM7zS_E
Marvel Cineplext.me/MarvelCineplex
TV SERIES Netflixt.me/money_heist_dark_netflix_series

Beautiful Girls Telegram Group Links

  • Erotic girls: join
  • Halks Furry: join
  • Girls Hub: join
  • girls Chatting Group: join
  • Indian girl’s chatroom join
  • Russian women to date: join
  • Girls Dating: join
  • Le*bi Lover: join
  • Only Aunty’s Telegram group – Link
  • Date with Aunty Telegram group – Link
  • Video-Sharing group – Link
  • Date with Indian girls group – Link
  • Indian Girl Telegram group – Link
  • Tamil Aunty telegram group – Link
  • Chatting with Aunties Telegram group – Link
  • Video Adda Group – Link
  • Masti point: join
  • girls Mania: join
  • girls chatting hub: join
  • Indian girls: join
  • cute pretty girls: join
  • romance: join

Bitcoin Telegram Group Links (Exchange & Investment Tips)

So far, the system has been made only for Bitcoin online payment. Bitcoin is one such money. On which no government has any right. According to the news a few days ago, the government was going to shut down Bitcoin in India.

But the recent RBI statement has made Bitcoin even more booming in India. Now Bitcoin is completely legal in India. In such a situation, all the Telegram groups keep sharing a lot of knowledge about your marketing from earning bitcoin to you. Ask if you also have an interest in bitcoin or the share market. So you can of course join these groups.

  • Bitcoin News – Link
  • Bitcoin Profit – Link
  • CryptoCurrency – Link
  • Blockchain Investors – Link
  • Airdrop Trading – Link
  • Crypto Alerts – Link
  • Crypto Signals – Link
  • Bitcoin Guide – Link
  • Crypto Jobs – Link
  • Exchange Rate – Link
  • Invest in Bitcoin – Link
  • VIP Investors – Link
  • Trading Options – Link
  • Bitcoin Community – Link
  • Rate Updates – Link

18+ Telegram group links for men only

Entertainment Telegram group link for Enjoyment

  • Hot Shot – Link
  • Fun Family – Link
  • Just for Entertainment – Link
  • ViViMaxx – Link
  • Gamers Fun – Link
  • Prime Club – Link
  • Off-Topic – Link
  • Free Entertainment – Link
  • My Entertainment – Link
  • Funny Videos – Link
  • Glam Heart Fun – Link
  • Only Fun – Link
  • Tech & Entertainment – Link
  • Entertainment Videos – Link
  • Crazy Music Channels – Link
  • Digital Entertainment – Link
  • New Albums – Link

Jobs Telegram group links for 18+

We have a 7.11% Unemployment rate all over India. This means that many people do not have a job. But as technology is increasing. By the way, everything is getting advanced.

Earlier you had to go to every company and give a resume and interview to find a job. By going to a company, we have to ask whether the vacancy has come out or not. This was not only a waste of our time. Rather, we used to spend a lot of money on it.

But now it is not so. Apart from online google, you can also know about upcoming jobs on Telegram. Although not only Telegram. Rather, Linkedin and other social media also keep doing a lot of posts related to the job.

But the telegram group to which I will give the link below. In all those groups, you must have manually found the vacancy in the group or company. It will be told about it. Here are the jobs related telegram group links-

  • Hot Shot – Link
  • Fun Family – Link
  • Just for Entertainment – Link
  • ViVi Maxx – Link
  • Gamers Fun – Link
  • Prime Club – Link
  • Off-Topic – Link
  • Crazy Music Channels – Link
  • Digital Entertainment – Link
  • New Albums – Link

Gaming Telegram group link (PUBG+FF)

Earn Money Telegram Group Links In 2023

  • Online Money – Link
  • Earn Money Online – Link
  • Free Deals – Link
  • Paytm Offer – Link
  • Online Earning – Link
  • Tech Earning Online BD – Link
  • Money Making Tools – Link
  • Paytm Best Offers – Link
  • Earning Bazzar – Link
  • Quiz Wheel – Link
  • Online earning – Link
  • Learn To Earn – Link
  • Ashvinzala – Link
  • Vaidpure Free Plan Lunch – Link
  • Earn Money Online with Proofs – Link
  • Earning Unlimited – Link
  • Easy Earning Tips – Link
  • Top Earners???????? – Link
  • Daily Earning – Link
  • YouTube Subscribe & Earn – Link
  • Ways$ To $Earn – Link
  • Smart Predictions – Link
  • Online earning 2023 – Link

Motivational & Quotes Telegram Group Links For Boys, Girls

Latest News-Telegram group links

From minister to IAS, IPS to the student to master, everyone listens and reads the news. For a few days, only a few ways we are present in our life to read and watch the news. But as I said above, as technology is increasing, our life is also becoming very easy.

Today we can read news not only through newspapers but now we can also read news through social media or the internet. To know this news and the latest news, there are many groups on Telegram too. In which you will get new latest updated news every day. Below I will share the Telegram group links with many types of news.

Whatever kind of newsgroup you want to join. You can add to the group with news of that type by clicking on the simple link. Here is the list of links to some Telegram Groups providing the latest news-

  • newspaper – Link
  • EZone News – Link
  • Latest News Update – Link
  • English Newspaper – Link
  • PDF Paper – Link
  • The Hindu Paper – Link
  • Indian Papers – Link
  • Gujarati Feed – Link
  • Today News – Join
  • News Wala – Join
  • Crypto World News – Join
  • Telegram News – Join
  • Business Standard Official – Join
  • Startup ideas – Join
  • Mint Business News – Join
  • Motivation Force – Join
  • Gulf News – Join
  • Income Tax & Gst solution – Join

Free downloading Books Telegram group links

  1. Qasmi Books – Link
  2. UPSC Hindi Books – Link
  3. Free Ebooks – Link
  4. Storylines – Link
  5. Books & Magz – Link
  6. Govt Exam Preparation Books – Link
  7. Computer Books – Link
  8. All Magazines – Link


We have written this post for you only to give you knowledge. If you get into any kind of external dispute. Or there are scams in some kind of Telegram group. So we or any people on our blog will not be responsible for this. You will be responsible for this. And some telegram group is very strict and strict. If you do any kind of spam. So without your permission, you will be removed from the group.

Telegram Group Join Link 2023-2024

This time Telegram group is now a very popular application on Google. Presently everyone has a smartphone and most people used the  Telegram application on their smartphone. Mostly teenagers are loved chatting and sharing photos & videos, video calling with their friends and relatives. Most people want to join many  Telegram Groups. So friends on these sites we will be sharing many active Telegram Groups Invite Links. Join these groups and you will easily make new friends.

How to protect yourself to scam from the telegram group link channels?

In the earlier article, we had given many lists of Whatsapp group links. But they were all completely safe. But as we told you at the top of this article, Telegram is mostly famous for Illegal things. Here you get many such products BB. Which is against the government. The government never allows him to keep it. Also, many such groups will be found on Telegram. Where you will be offered services like iPhone as well as Carding cheaply. Which will attract you a lot. Because its original value will be very high.

And in Telegram, you will be promised to get it cheap. So you always stay away from all the scams. Never tell the details of your credit card or online payment system to any unknown person. Also, do not share personal information in any telegram group. Because there are many big, big hackers, how do you keep looking for people? You shared some details there and here your system will be hacked. So be careful, be careful.

How to create Telegram Group Links and Share their Link?

So far, we have told you about joining someone else’s Telegram channel only through the telegram group link. But now I will teach you how to create your Telegram group. Also, how do you have to share the link to those groups? I will also tell the way of this with the help of the image below.

If you research on the internet online that why should we create a telegram channel or telegram group? Then you will get many answers. From making money from Telegram Group to promoting your product through it, you can do everything through telegram group. Let us know how to make a telegram group link?

  1. First of all, open your Telegram application. And login to it.
  2. Click on the Menu button with 3 dots above.
  3. After that many options will come in front of you. From that, click on the option with New Group.
  4. Then those whom you want to add to your group. Select them. And click on the button next.
  5. Then you have to put the group name at the top. If you want, you can also set the group’s logo from there. And click on the next arrow button. After this, your Group will be successfully created.

So in this way you can just create your Telegram group. Now comes how to share its link. Because when you create a Telegram group link then your group will be brand new. Due to this, there will not be a single member in your group. So you have to increase the members initially by sharing the link. Let’s know how to share the telegram group link-

  1. By adding your member above, you will see an option. Click on it.
  2. There you will see the option of Copy Invite link at the top. Click on it.
  3. Then the link of that group will be copied. You can share it wherever you want by pasting it. Anyone can add to your group through that link.

How to find the Telegram group link of your favourite category?

In the above, you learned how to create a telegram channel Telegram. But as we told you at the beginning of this post I will teach you to find the groups of the category of your choice. So now we will know its method. Although it is much easier. You will understand only by seeing the step below. But we will still explain it to you with the help of full images only. So that if anyone has any kind of problem then they can follow the tricks with the help of an image.

  1. First of all, you will find the search box in the top right corner of your Telegram App. Have to click on it.
  2. After that the category of group you are looking for. Search it.
  3. Then some results will appear in front of you. Which group do you like? Click on it. And join it by clicking on the Join button.

Sometimes it also happens that you search about a topic or category and no result comes in front of you. So don’t be afraid of action. Because it happens sometimes. When you do not remain in a single group related to the category. So No result is told to you. If you want, you can create your group on that topic by the above-mentioned method. So that if other people search for that topic. So your group will get them in the result.

YouTube video


Here we have told you everything from the beginning to the end of Telegram. Before using all these by reading the post on the Telegram group link, you have to download the Telegram application and create a new account in it. Although it is quite easy. Only after that, you can join the Group through the Telegram group links.

You should keep one special thing in mind the groups in which I have not asked you to spam. For example, if you share any kind of link in all these groups with education, a group with mentors. Or do any kind of spam. So you will be immediately removed from the group without asking you. That’s why you should take care of these special things.

And in the last, we would like to tell you that we hope that you get the Telegram group link of your choice. And if you liked this article, then do not forget to share this post with your friends on social media. So that if someone is looking for a telegram group link. So through you, they can access this article.

Sharing Is Caring:

Hi, I am Shraboni Dutta Dey. I have been using WhatsApp and Telegram applications for the past six years. I am also involved in various whatsapp and telegram groups.

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