Google Camera For Realme C3i For Android [Premium] 2023

Google Camera For Realme C3i: Realme C3i is a budget smartphone with decent specifications and an average camera. The smartphone comes with a 12 MP rear camera and a 2 MP depth camera setup, along with a 5 MP selfie camera.

While the smartphone has an average camera setup, the camera seems to be outdated in 2022. But with Google Camera installed in Realme C3i, you can boost the overall camera performance. Here is how to install Google Camera in Realme C3i.

Google Camera For Realme C3i

Gcam Features

Exposure Controls:

Gcam’s exposure controls are designed to help you achieve the perfect balance between the amount of light hitting your picture and the brightness in the frame.

With Gcam, you can adjust your exposure settings so that the light looks natural and accurate. You can also choose from a variety of different effects that will give your photos a unique look.

Astrophotography Controls:

The Astrophotography mode was first introduced in Gcam for pixel smartphones, and it was later introduced via Gcam port to other smartphones like Realme 3i.

Astrophotography controls in Gcam let you adjust different settings of the camera to take amazing photos of stars and other astronomical objects at night.

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Slow Motion:

Google Camera for Realme C3i comes with the Slow Motion feature. The feature was introduced to the Google Camera port in version 8.1 for Android 10+ users of the Realme C3i smartphone.

With Slow Motion mode, you can take smooth slow motion shots of objects. The best part is that it allows you to record slow-motion videos at up to 240 FPS which can make your shots look buttery smooth.

Cinematic Pan:

Cinematic Pan is a feature that allows you to move from one point in your shot to another. This can be useful for making smooth transitions between two different points in the same shot or for moving from one part of a scene to another as you shoot.

Portrait Mode:

Portrait mode is the most popular and versatile photo mode in Google Camera for Realme C3i. It creates a large-scale image that is perfect for capturing people and groups in the foreground.

Moreover, Portrait mode offers an enhanced depth of field that helps to blur out background clutter, letting you focus on your subject without losing sight of the rest of your scene.

Video Stabilization:

With Google Camera, you can stabilize video on the fly. Just add a few clicks, and your footage will be stabilized in real-time. This feature of Google Camera for Realme C3i works like magic as the smartphone has a capable chipset.

Supported Devices

  • Realme C3
  • Realme C3i

What’s Working in Google Camera for Realme C3i?

  • Night Sight
  • Google Lens
  • Portrait Mode
  • Video Stabilization
  • All manual and auto modes
  • All other basic features

Known Issues

  • No issues so far.

How to Install Google Camera in Realme C3i?

  1. To install Google Camera in Realme C3i, first of all, you must update your smartphone to the latest android version (Android v10+ is recommended).
  2. Next, you have to check for Camera2API support on your smartphone by installing the Camera2 API Probe app from the Google Play store.
  3. If your smartphone is supported, then you can download Google Camera for Realme C3i from here.
  4. That’s it. You’re done!


In the end, the Google Camera for Realme C3i is a great camera app that takes amazing photos and videos. Whether you want to stabilize videos or take Motion Photos, the Gcam is an app for everything.

Without the Google Camera app and its high-quality photos, the Realme C3i will be a mediocre phone, so it is ideal to use this excellent camera app on your smartphone.

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Hello, I am Sougata Dey. I am the founder of GcamStore.Net. In this blog i will share with you Latest GCam App for all latest smatphones.

Hello, I am Sougata Dey. I am the founder of GcamStore.Net. In this blog i will share with you Latest GCam App for all latest smatphones.

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