Gcam for Vivo V17 Pro [Latest Version 2022]

Gcam for Vivo V17 Pro: One of Vivo’s top camera flagship phones is the Vivo V17 Pro, launched in 2019. It has a 48 MP primary camera which can record 4K videos and take high-quality photos. However, the default camera app of Vivo V17 Pro doesn’t have many advanced features.

Gcam for Vivo V17 Pro is a powerful video and camera app that provides a complete video editing solution along with many advanced features. You can use HDR+, Motion tracking, add effects, Smart Burst, and other features to improve photo or video quality. Below we have a detailed guide on Gcam for Vivo V17 Pro.

Gcam for Vivo V17 Pro [Latest Version 2022]
Gcam for Vivo V17 Pro

Gcam Features


Gcam’s HDR+ mode allows you to take high-quality videos and photos in low-light conditions. This makes it perfect for capturing videos at night or in dimly lit environments.

Gcam’s HDR+ feature not only removes the graininess and noise from the image and videos but also helps boost the dynamic range, allowing your camera sensor to capture more light.

Motion Tracking:

If you need to follow something that moves quickly, Gcam has motion tracking built right in. Just select the object that’s moving, then press “track” to start following it as it moves through space.

However, you must move with the object if it is moving from one location to another since the object must be in the frame in order for Gcam’s Motion Tracking to function.

360° video:

Gcam also supports 360° video, which means you can record your surroundings while taking a video of yourself or others. You can use this feature to get an interesting perspective on the world around you or just add some fun to your videos if it is a reaction video or something like that.

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Live HDR+:

Gcam features include a Live HDR+ mode that makes your videos look like they were shot with a professional camera. The Gcam app can boost the dynamic range in Vivo V17 Pro as the chipset is capable, and you can acquire great footage.

Smart Burst:

Smart Burst is a feature that will help you get the most out of your Gcam. Smart Burst will automatically record a burst of photos at a much faster rate, without having to worry about the quality of each photo or if it has been taken too soon or too late in the day. It is also ideal for capturing moments that might otherwise be missed by using a slow shutter speed.

Google Lens:

Gcam has an inbuilt Google Lens feature that allows you to copy text from images. Moreover, you can scan bar codes and QR codes and do a lot more productive stuff with Gcam’s Google Lens feature.

Supported Devices

  • Vivo V17
  • Vivo V17 Pro

What’s Working in Gcam for Vivo V17 Pro?

  • Motion Photos
  • Video Stabilization
  • HDR+
  • Live HDR+
  • Photo Sphere
  • Playground
  • Google Lens
  • All other basic features

Known Issues

  • No issues have been reported so far.

How to Install Gcam in Vivo V17 Pro?

  • First of all, check Camera2API support by installing the Camera2 API Probe app from Google Play Store.
  • If it doesn’t show support for the module, then update your device to the latest version.
  • Next, download Gcam for Vivo V17 Pro from here.
  • Install it and allow all the permissions.
  • That’s it. You can now enjoy Gcam!


So there is everything to know about the Gcam for Vivo V17 Pro. It is the best camera application for Vivo V17 Pro, with almost all the advanced and modern features that are required to take mind-blowing shots and pictures.

Vivo V17 Pro default camera app doesn’t have features like Astrophotography or Motion tracking, which is only available in Gcam. Moreover, Gcam is better optimized for post-image processing than Vivo V17’s default image processing. I think you like this Gcam for Vivo V17 Pro article if you like this article then share this post with your friends and relatives.

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