GCam For Realme 7 Pro Latest Version In 2023 [Gcam v8.4]

GCam For Realme 7 Pro: Realme is one of the best and top growing smartphone brands in India. And they have recently launched the Realme 7 Pro, which is a feature-packed smartphone under 20,000. The phone comes with a sleek design, amazing looks, and performance.

The performance of the Realme 7 Pro is great though the camera is not. Realme 7 Pro comes with an “Above Average” camera performance which does not deliver satisfactory pictures and videos.

But we cannot ignore such a good smartphone for such a good value just for the camera. To overcome this issue, we have G Cam.

By installing GCam For Realme 7 Pro, most of the camera issues can be easily resolved. Below, we have a detailed guide on how to download, install, and use GCam For Realme 7 Pro. Have a look.

GCam For Realme 7 Pro

GCam For Realme 7 Pro Overview

GCam is one of the best camera applications that offer great photography and videography experience over the stock camera. This application is developed by the developer’s community knowns as XDA Developers, and it is available to download for free to every smartphone user.

However, the GCam for Realme 7 Pro cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store as it is available on XDA’s website only. Furthermore, you would require some additional permission to install the GCam app on your phone.

G Cam offers you a wide range of features and allows you to click from the rear as well as the front camera. Moreover, you can click high-resolution pictures with GCam. On top of that, smartphones with high-end processors can have better pictures as the processor can smoothly process the pictures.

Apart from that, GCam has the ability to customize options for your needs. You can click pictures from different cameras on your smartphone. For example, if you want to use the Ultra-wide sensor, you can do that with GCam.

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GCam For Realme 7 Pro Features:

GCam or Google Camera offers a ton of features that every user want to have on their stock camera app. Here are the features which will make you distinguish between GCam and your stock camera app:

HDR+ Enhanced

The HDR+ Enhanced version or High Dynamic Range will allow you to improve the colours and contrast in any picture. This feature comes in handy when you want to boost the colours around any object.

Furthermore, the HDR+ enhanced version of GCam lets you manage the colours automatically without any issue. It is an improved version of HDR, which is available in the GCam app.

To use the HDR+ features on any device, you just need to turn on the feature and take a photo, as you normally do. And the photo will be ready with HDR+ settings within seconds. You can achieve great quality with HDR+.


The Motion feature is one of the most advanced features to use in any camera app. On top of that, these features can simply be compared to the iPhone’s Live Photos or HTC’s Zoe mode.

The Motion feature in GCam allows you to take photos in motion. It is basically a short video that will be automatically captured while you are capturing a picture.


Panorama shot is another great feature that is available in the GCam app. The Realme 7 Pro camera app comes with dedicated panorama features. But the GCam Panorama features are somewhere advanced from the stock app of Realme 7 Pro.

In this feature, you get up to 4 Panoramic shooting options. These are vertical, horizontal, wide-angle, and fisheye.


Photosphere is a type of panoramic mode that will take photos in 360 degrees by using the front as well as the rear camera of your phone. It is a dedicated option in the GCam app.

Portrait Mode

The best feature that GCam offers is the Portrait Mode. It is a needed feature in the modern 2023 era. Unlike the stock camera app, the Portrait mode in the G Cam does not require secondary camera hardware or hardware acceleration to boost the image quality.

Thanks to AI and machine learning, the GCam app works without any hardware acceleration, which makes it the best camera app for taking Portrait photos. The bokeh effect that GCam applies to your pictures is unmatched.


NightSight, as the name suggests, is a feature for night photography. You can activate this feature when you are taking pictures in the dark. This feature allows the app to scan the photo and generate an AI-based image that will grab more lighting, hence producing a better picture.

AR Stickers

This feature was announced by Google way back. With AR Stickers, you can have fun by adding the AR characters to your photos and videos.

What’s New in GCam for Realme 7 Pro?

G Cam’s latest version comes with a hell lot of new features. From HDR+ Enhanced to AstroPhotography mode, you get all features in one place.

  • Astrophotography Mode
  • Enhance HDR+
  • NightSight
  • Stable Pictures

So, these are some of the new features which are introduced in the latest version of GCam.

How to Install GCam For Realme 7 Pro?

  1. Download the official G Cam APK from the link.
  2. After downloading the app to your phone, click on it. It will ask you to allow permissions for Unknown Sources. Just click and allow it.
  3. Install the G Cam app.
  4. That’s it. Enjoy!


To conclude, GCam for Realme 7 Pro is the best camera app that you can download for free. This app gives you the ability to be a RAW photographer by using your smartphone.

Furthermore, the G Cam app opens a lot of opportunities for camera geeks. With tons of advanced features and modern UI, the G Cam is all you need for your Realme 7 Pro. I think you like this G Cam for Realme 7 Pro post then share this G Cam for Realme 7 Pro post on your social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which is the latest version of GCam for Realme 7 Pro?

As of October 2022, the latest version of GCam for Realme 7 Pro is v8.4.

Q: How to Activate Astro Photography mode in GCam for Realme 7 Pro?

The Astrophotography mode is not enabled by default in the GCam app. So if you want to enable the features, follow these steps:

  • Open GCam settings.
  • Go to Advanced Settings.
  • Scroll down till you find Astrophotography Mode.
  • Click and enable the feature.
  • Click GCam, and open it again.
  • That’s it. The feature is now activated.
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