GCam for Realme 3 Latest Version In 2023 [Gcam v8.4]

GCam for Realme 3: Realme 3 is a great smartphone in terms of performance. But when it comes to the camera, the phone lags too far behind other Realme smartphones. The stock camera of Realme 3 is not capable of capturing good pictures, especially when it comes to dark places and indoor areas.

Moreover, the camera does not have modern features. So users have to look for other choices available in the market. The one choice that users are stuck upon is the Google Camera or GCam.

Google Camera allows you to modernize your photos by making them look better. It does not just boost the overall picture, but it also captures a good dynamic range to improve the pictures.

GCam for Realme 3

GCam for Realme 3 Overview

Google Camera is one of the best stock camera alternatives for Realme 3. With this app, you can take advantage of your phone camera. It is one of the best camera apps you can have on your phone, and it’s not surprising that many users want to get their hands on it.

After all, it’s packed with features, like Night Sight mode for taking pictures in the dark and HDR+ for improving the quality of images.

Unlike other third-party camera apps, Google Camera is a lightweight app that doesn’t weigh down your phone or use up too much processing power. This makes it the perfect choice when you’re using an older phone like the Realme 3. If you own a Realme 3, then you can Download Gcam for Realme 3.

GCam for Realme 3 Features

Google Camera for Realme 3 is packed with a ton of features. It has everything that you need to click on better photos. After being a better camera app, this app gets regular updates from the developers, which keeps it stable and equipped with modern features. Here is the list of features that G Cam offers:


You can take pictures using the HDR+ to capture amazing photos, especially when you want to capture low light scenes. This is an automated feature of the camera that you can use quickly and easily.

Furthermore, HDR+ uses multiple shots to optimize the amount of light, colour and detail in the photo. That’s why HDR+ is perfect for taking photos with your friends and family at night.

Alternative GCam – Google Camera For Realme C3i

Super Res Zoom

Super Res Zoom is a feature that lets you zoom in to take photos that are twice as clear as normal, so you can zoom in on those tiny details even more.

Apart from that, this feature takes a set of photos at varying resolutions and then calculates the best resolution for each photo. The resulting images have more detail and less noise than traditional cameras without increasing the size of the files.

Top Shot

Top Shot is another great feature that is built-in in Google Camera. This feature captures everything before and after the shutter button is clicked. After that, it will let you select the best shot, and in case the image is blurry or not usable, then you can simply choose not to keep it.

Portrait Mode

The Portrait Mode in G Cam takes photos object focused. It makes the whole background blurred and only keeps the object within the focus. This feature creates a beautiful bokeh effect and makes any image look beautiful.

Facial Recognition

When taking a picture with people in it, the camera will automatically detect faces in the photo so that the photo is accurately focused and exposed.


Night Sight helps you take photos in low light without the need for a flash, so you can capture those scenes without any shadows and enjoy being able to see even better at night. This feature takes a bit more time while capturing the object, and it collects all the light around to make the picture look crisp.

How to Install GCam for Realme 3?

To install G Cam, you simply need to download the app on your phone and allow some permissions to install it. Although, if you are an advanced user and looking to tweak some settings in the app, you can do that as well. But before that, here is how to install it:

  • First of all, download the GCam for Realme 3 from the link.
  • After that, go to your phone settings and then head over to security and enable Unkown Sources features in the phone.
  • Navigate to the APK file where you have downloaded it.
  • Click on it and install it on the device.
  • That’s it. The GCam is nicely installed on your Realme 3 smartphone. If you want to tweak some settings, you can do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Enable Top Shot in Google Camera for Realme 3?

To enable Top Shot features on the Google Camera app, open the app and on the top left, you will see a drop-down arrow. Click on it, and then you can set Top Shot On or Auto.

Q: Does Realme 3 Support GCam?

Yes, it does support GCam. In fact, most smartphones that have a Snapdragon processor have G Cam support. Moreover, you can check the XDA developers page for your smartphone.


GCam for Realme 3 is currently the best and only stock camera app alternative for the Realme 3. The G Cam has so many photo modes that you can use for your photos.

The GCam for Realme 3 does a fine job of capturing images in a wide range of environments but ultimately leaves you desiring more in terms of image quality. If you’re looking for an alternative to the stock camera app, this is the best you can get for the Realme 3 smartphone. I think you like this GCam for Realme 3 post. If you like this GCam for Realme 3 post then share this post on your social media platforms.

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