Gcam For OPPO A32 Download For Android [Unlocked] 2023

The OPPO A32 is a budget phone with great features. However, the camera quality can be improved if you use Gcam for OPPO A32. Gcam or Google Camera app has many features that will make your pictures and videos look better than ever before.

Gcam For OPPO A32 Download For Android [Unlocked] 2023
Gcam For OPPO A32

Gcam For OPPO A32

Gcam is the best camera app for OPPO A32 because it has a lot of features that are not available in the stock camera app. For instance, you can take better pictures in low light, get more realistic colors, and even add some effects to your photos.

If you love taking selfies and using the front camera of your smartphone, then you should definitely try out Gcam for OPPO A32.

Gcam Features

Gcam is a ported or modded version of Google Camera specially designed for smartphones with supported chipsets like Oppo A32.

Moreover, it has many features that are not available in the default camera app. Gcam is available for all Android phones with supported chipsets like Qualcomm Snapdragon.

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Exposure Controls:

Gcam for Oppo A32 comes with exposure controls. You can control the exposure of your pictures manually. Moreover, you can set the exposure to Auto, Night, or even Manual. On top of that, Gcam allows you to set a specific exposure which is not possible in the default camera app of Oppo A32.

Astrophotography Mode:

Astrophotography Mode is a new feature in GCam that’s available for the Oppo A32 smartphone. It’s designed to improve the quality of astronomical object photography, especially at high ISO values.

When you turn on this mode, your phone will be able to capture high-quality images with a wider dynamic range without any noise or graininess. The result is an image that looks more natural than before.

Smart Burst:

Smart Burst is a feature of Gcam for Oppo A32 that allows you to shoot a series of pictures quickly. It’s useful for capturing moments that you might otherwise miss, like when your dog is sniffing the grass, or your child is picking up a toy they dropped on the floor.

Cinematic Pan:

The cinematic pan of Gcam for Oppo A32 works flawlessly without any issues. Whether you click to use a panoramic photo or want to take a cinematic smooth shot, the Cinematic Pan mode in Gcam helps you achieve that effortlessly.

Motion Photos:

Motion Photos is a feature of the Gcam for Oppo A32 smartphone that allows you to capture a short video clip along with a photo. This is useful when you want to capture a moment in time but also want to remember the surrounding context.

Video Stabilization:

Video stabilization is another great feature of Gcam that reduces the shakiness in your video. It’s very useful for recording in low-light situations or when you’re trying to capture a moving subject.

Gcam for OPPO A32 has this feature turned on by default, but you can disable it in the settings.

Supported Devices

  • OPPO A32
  • Oppo A33

What’s Working in Gcam for OPPO A32?

  • Manual shutter mode
  • Manual ISO
  • Manual Focus
  • Portrait Mode
  • Motion Photos
  • Macro Mode
  • Night Sight
  • All other basic features

Known Issues

  • No issues have been found yet.


So, having GCam on your Oppo A32 will surely be a good choice for you. Gcam is especially good if you want to revive your Oppo A32 camera in 2023. Whether you want to improve low-light photography or want to take professional cinematic shots with specific ISO values, Gcam helps you do it all.

On top of everything else, Gcam for Oppo A32 is getting regular updates due to its vast community of developers, and all the latest features are being added to Gcam with every new update. Hence, you should definitely try it out.

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