Fouad WhatsApp APK v9.41 Latest [Official] For Android

The Fouad WhatsApp APK downloads are downloading the mod version of WhatsApp messenger with excellent and advanced features. The features are of great use and have tons of advanced features, including privacy and security, customization, app lock, and additional features.

Other apps are also available in the market. Still, users love this version of WhatsApp the most, and it is known to be the user’s favourite App as the App comes with constant updates and frequent releases, so the new version always comes with great and exciting features and enhancements.

The App’s features and interfaces are no different from the updated and current popular WhatsApp mod or the GB WhatsApp. The minor difference lies only in the package name and UI.

Also, several other Apps offer the same features and benefits that GB WhatsApp or the Fouad WhatsApp provides. So, here you will get a direct link to download the App and guidance related to the App.

Fouad WhatsApp APK v9.41 Latest [Official] For Android
Fouad WhatsApp APK

Let us start with what is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is a clone of another WhatsApp mod co-developed by the Fouad MODS developer. The App interface is much similar to that of the WhatsApp messenger. It is unrecognisable unless the settings section is not looked at, where the Fouad Mods logo would be seen in the separate setting area.

The Fouad WhatsApp v9.29 has recently made many changes with new improvements, and bug fixation has also been implemented. The latest version of the App is no more extended to function properly on KitKat, and just the 5.0 or other Android versions would be supported.

The recent Fouad WhatsApp comes with additional features like customization, privacy, security, MOD features, etc. As you download Fouad WhatsApp, you will be able to take advantage of some of the great features like sharing big files, changing the main app icon, uploading high-resolution videos or images, forwarding any message to 250 contacts and even more at once, and many more additional benefits that we will come to know later in this article.

Also, unlike other WhatsApp MODS, Fouad WhatsApp is extremely easy to download and is very safe to use. The developer team is assigned to assist or provide all kinds of assistance when required. 

If we talk about file size, Fouad WhatsApp has a highly apparent file size even after having tons of MOD features. The size of the file is just 52 MB. The Fouad WhatsApp is a very stable messaging app with great WhatsApp MOD.

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Fouad WhatsApp APK download? Follow these steps

The Fouad WhatsApp APK is great and a very popular App. One of the most significant features of this App is its extremely easy to use and is highly user-friendly. Also, the App’s performance is far better than that of the other available WhatsApp MODS. 

The download link of the Fouad WhatsApp APK link will be provided in the article which will help you to download the App directly through the website. It is sure that the App is an original one and offers the best experience and top MOD features.

How to download Fouad WhatsApp on your Android device

It is evident that Fouad WhatsApp is a MOD app, and hence it has different download ways compared to other Apps. One might get blocked from Google Play Security, the feature known as Play Protect while trying to download the App through normal ways. 

Also, if one has a security app installed on their phone, then the downloading would also get hindered, and Fouad WhatsApp would not get downloaded due to this. This is because most security Apps quickly detect the modification in the Apps and block them from downloading immediately or blocking them. 

In this article, you will be appropriately guided about how to download the latest Fouad WhatsApp version on your Android device. Make sure that you follow these steps carefully while downloading the Fouad WhatsApp on your Android device.

Let us start with the steps-

Step 1- Click on the button above provided on the page for visiting the download page of Fouad WhatsApp. 

Step 2- As soon as the page gets loaded, click on the download button. As you do so, you will submit a request to the third-party server for sending the Fouad WhatsApp file to your browser. 

Step 3- Finally, you will receive the request, and you need to accept it. But before you accept the request, make sure that you check on the file and ensure that you are downloading the correct file and not an incorrect one. 

Step 4- This is the final step. It would help if you waited until downloading the complete and it gets downloaded entirely on your browser. And you are done. 

The downloading process is extremely easy, and it will hardly take any time to download. The steps to download the file are extremely easy. You need to follow the steps correctly, and your download will be complete in no time.

Also, you might find your downloading blocked through Google Play Protect. O, to avoid such a situation, make sure that you have disabled the function and start or continue to download. 

So, now that you have got the file let us look for the ways to install the file on your Android device.

How to install Fouad WhatsApp APK?

WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp are indeed two different Apps, and their directory files are created differently so that you can install them separately as per your wish. Keep in mind that if you install both the Apps together, you would not be able to use them together, and hence you need to remove one.

If you are already using WhatsApp messenger and wish to use Fouad WhatsApp too, you need to shift the chat and data from WhatsApp messenger to Fouad WhatsApp. Or else you will lose all your chat history.

So, let’s know the steps to install the Fouad WhatsApp and migrate all the WhatsApp messenger data safely into Fouad WhatsApp data.

Step 1- Make sure that you haven’t uninstalled WhatsApp messenger from your phone and turned on the unknown sources from your Android Settings.

Step 2- Move to the download folder and find the recently downloaded Fouad WhatsApp.

Step 3- Now click on the Install button and wait till it gets completely installed.

Step 4- Once installed, click on the Done button and exit the installer.

Step 5- Now launch the Fouad WhatsApp by clicking on its icon.

Step 6- After it is launched, click on the Agree and Continue buttons.

Step 7- You will find a “Copy WhatsApp Data” option below. Enter your mobile number there and click on copy WhatsApp Data. This will copy all your data.

Step 8- Now, enter your mobile and verify it through the OTP.

Step 9- As your mobile number gets verified, you will be asked to restore the backup. This is another way to restore the data, and you can use one from the either.

Step 10- This is the final step. Enter your Profile Name and Picture and press to continue. Then you will be redirected to its home page.

And your entire WhatsApp data and chat history will be migrated to Fouad WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp Features

Similar to other WhatsApp MODS, Fouad WhatsApp also has numerous advanced features that help in customization, security, and privacy. If you are still confused about the characteristics of Fouad WhatsApp, then have a look at its features-

  • Setting wallpapers to the home screen 
  • Can place an image next to the bubble 
  • Can place an image on internal or external calls 
  • Can place an image with or within-group calls 
  • I will be able to preview before applying 
  • The color line between calls on the main screen 
  • Date message color on the home screen 
  • Naming the color on the home screen 
  • Call blocking 
  • Bar to play voice memos 
  • Clone of the new conversation 
  • Yo Themes store design 
  • Delete messages against 
  • FAB will move right to RTL 
  • Yowidget is not displayed correctly in Arabic 
  • Disable forward labeling 
  • Hidden media gallery 
  • The size of WhatsApp is enacted 
  • Version 8.0+ does not show the color option 
  • Translates from Brazilian to Portuguese
  • The nickname doesn’t get colored in the group photos
  • The photos visible in the white status bar are being cropped 
  • Improved Anti-ban 
  • Mute indicator in WAMOD row style
  • Anti-View Once 
  • Freeze the last scene
  • It eliminates all the forward tags and messages from the posts.
  • View hidden status without letting the actual person know
  • The other person will not be able to delete their status for you, and even if they have deleted you still would be able to see their status
  • Anti-delete messages privacy


Bottom Line

Fouad WhatsApp is a great WhatsApp MOD App that is extremely handy and user-friendly. With updates, the features are becoming advanced and with more features. The WhatsApp messenger and Fouad WhatsApp are both the same, and it supports only 5.0 or above Android versions.

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