Being a DIK Apk v0.8.2 Free Download For Android 2023

Being a DIK Apk has another advantage: it can be downloaded and used. The app’s mobile-friendly layout makes it simple to use. There is no need to register for the app. There are no advertisements displayed.

Being a DIK Apk

Is it safe to use Being a DIK Apk?

This is the question that everybody who wants to learn more about this software will ask. As a result, we wanted to share and put the app through its paces. We did not create the app, and we have no affiliation with it. As a result, it can’t be guaranteed. If you wish, you may try this application at your own risk. It is impossible to accept any responsibility. For more information on the app, go to Being A DIK Apk Android. If you’re not happy with it, don’t spend any money on it.


  • The walkthrough will show you your dialogue options.
  • When you’re in a conversation, green indicates your points.
  • The green borders of point-earning messages help you recognize them.
  • Each test has an answer displayed.
  • This cheat menu allows you to change your points.
  • completing each scene and receiving a reward.

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Being a DIK Apk Graphics and Gameplay:

Given that a single person created this game, the sound is adequate but not exceptional. It’s not as wonderful as Tobyfox’s music for Undertale, but it’s still excellent.

The game includes a few tiny animated segments and some CG images. The sequences are all fantastic, and there are a lot of them. Is there anything better than fantastic art and sexy women in a game like this?

It’s not a pleasant experience to play a game where your decisions have no consequences, but that’s precisely what you’ll get here. Your character’s decisions determine the majority of the story’s events. Learn more about each character by unlocking numerous sequences.

So, What’s new? – Additional Features

  • v A problem was resolved due to an incorrect delivery while shopping from Derek during the Free ROM event.
  • v An issue that prevents dialogue from happening throughout the date when conversing with Josie is resolved.
  • v We’ve changed the levels at which users face problems.
  • v In the attached scenario, I’ve included two unused animations.
  • v An issue that resulted in failing the English exam has been resolved.
  • v Fix restorative problems with instant chat programs many times after winning a battle and receiving no reward.
  • v When using a unique character to comment on a save, the game would crash on the reserve/load screen.
  • v Your current association was shown incorrectly due to a bug in the phone.
  • v Going over animation again, which produced GPU spikes for GPU subsets, to fix spelling errors.
  • v The main menu’s music selection has been updated with two additional songs.
  • v The music didn’t play during a scene due to a rectified fault.
  • v There is now an instructional video for small-scale tennis games.

How to download the app:

  • It would be best to press on the download icon to acquire Being A Dik APK 18+ Download.
  • After you tap, your download will begin immediately.
  • Your Android phone’s Unknown Sources setting must now be enabled.
  • Switch on your smartphone. Unknown sources require you to enable it in Settings-Security-Unknown sources.
  • Then, tap on the Being A Dik APK 18+ Download file in your file manager or download location.
  • After pressing the install option, a screen will display which you must tap again to begin the installation, which will take some time to complete.
  • You can now use the app and take advantage of its many features.


With a single hit on the download button on, you can get the program. You can choose and download the application version that best suits your needs. You can get the program archive for most performances.

Because the program downloads to your device’s memory, you can install it several times without downloading it.


Because third-party applications are frequently downloaded from third parties, Google does not usually review them. Your phone may be destroyed, devices damaged, or data stolen.

Because the Google Play Store isn’t available for most apps, you won’t be able to update them automatically.


Being A Dik 18+ APK Download is the most recent version available, and it is the finest in its category. You may effortlessly use this software on your iPhone without worrying about your friends interrupting you. It has been thoroughly tested and is a 100 percent safe app for Android smartphones, so don’t worry. 

This software is free to download, play, and share with your family and friends. For Android, download Being A DIK APK 2023, the APK file is named, and the app development company is Dr. PinkCake. Being A DIK APK 2023 Latest Android Version 0.8.2 Can Be Downloaded For Free And Installed On Android Phones.

Being A DIK APK 2023 is an Android game. You can download the latest version of Being A DIK APK 2023 for Android directly from this page. Being A DIK APK 2023 is a game that can be played for free and without root. It is also a game.


Question: What is the procedure for installing the Being a DIK APK?

Answer: It’s pretty simple to download and install the DIK APK on your smartphone. Utilize your mobile browser to access our site. Now, find the game you want to download and install on your computer. To get the most recent app version, look for the download symbol on the app page and click it. On your Android smartphone, the file will begin to download shortly. Double-click the apk file to start the installation process after completing it successfully.

Question: Is it safe to use a DIK cracked version?

Answer: Yes, of course. We only share original and modded versions of trusted and tested programs with you. As a result, you won’t have to worry about installing it.

Question: Is the file Being A Dik 18+ APK Download safe?

Answer: Every threat to security has been addressed. In addition, this game is free of bugs and malfunctions. We give a completely safe and secure app that will not affect your device and work without a hitch.

Question: How about the ads?

Answer: There are no advertisements in this current version of the game.

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